Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome to Custom Crowns Dental Lab!!

My name is Trisha and I am eager to start doing business with you. I have opened my Crown and Bridge Lab in Bay City, MI. I am a full service Crown and Bridge Lab.

A little information about myself;
I graduated from Ferris State University with a Degree in Dental Technology. I am a Certified Technician. I have gained my experience working in Labs in Michigan and Colorado over the past 20years. Most recently, the past 9 years, I have been in Saginaw where I had great mentors. I decided it is time to pursue my dream of lab ownership. I am very passionate about the Dentistry field and hope to make a difference.

Things that are important to me as an Owner;
Quality, Communication, Competitive Pricing, Turn Around Time.
I am sure we share these same important things that you look for in a Laboratory. Open communication, have found, is a vital piece to a good working relationship. As we begin working together we will learn what we expect of each other and it will be a great benefit to us both.

What material should you use??
With this ever changing industry, it is hard to keep up on the different types of materials for your crown and bridge work. The traditional PFM and FULL GOLD are just a matter of what type
of gold you prefer. I have put together some information on the different types of Full Porcelain and
Zirconium available.

E-MAX: I will be pressing all the E-MAX. This ensures a better marginal fit and esthetics'. 
  • Single crown or 3 unit bridge
  • 400MPa
  • bonded
  • shoulder prep
  • 1.5-2mm deduction
  • lithium disilicate
  • resin nano ceramic
  • bonded
  • 240MPa flexural strength
  • 380MPa comprehensive strength
  • absorbs chewing forces
  • crowns over implants are ideal
  • less wear than glass on opposing
  • veneers.6mm, inlay,onlay1.5mm
  • shades available Vita A1,A2,A3,A3.5,B1,C2,D2,Bleach
  • can not be stained
  • repair in office with your light cure material
  • 10yr limited warranty
  • shoulder prep
  • full contour or framework
  • high translucent
  • Vita classic A-D and Bleach or 3D master shades
  • 1250MPa flexural strength
  • less occlusal prep needed due to strength
  • wall thickness prep .5mm
  • introduced in 2001 with 15yr limited warranty
  • cemented
  • anterior, posterior, and bridges to 4 units
  • full contour and bridgework
  • translucent
  • cemented
  • 1000MPa
  • ISO 9001Certified FDA regulated
These are a few of the options that are available. Please feel free to ask if there is a product that you want that I haven't talked about.
  • brite gold            96%
  • classic IV            88%
  • aquarius xtra hard  82%
  • evolution lite          40%
  • pulse N3            3%
  • 20%  gold
  • 40%  gold
  • 55%  gold
 I have linked some pages to give you more information of a few of these materials. Please feel free to call and discuss what you may like to use and together we can determine the best product.

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